According to Statista “The food delivery generated a worldwide revenue of $82.7 Billion dollars in 2018 this is expected to increase to 137.6 Billion by 2023”. Source: Statista

A push notification is sent to the customer to inform them that their meal has been picked up and notifying the customer of the scanned tag id via an SMS (customer is able to track rider via GPS) by Atyourtime rider.

  • Rider delivers the meal to customer’s doorstep with tag intact and untampered
  • The customer checks and ensures that the physical tag id matches the id received via notification.
  • Customer accepts food or Customer rejects food if id’s don’t match or the tag seems tampered.
  • Customer acknowledges and confirm delivery by selecting YES or NO from the confirmation pop up message

Investing in Atyourtime franchises offers the chance for a much-wanted career change, Unlimited Earning Potentials with the added advantage of time and freedom. Gone were the days when you are limited to an office job, you no longer have to endure that pain of a dead-end job. This is an investment opportunity into your future, by taking control of your destiny.

  • Exclusive Territorial Business Opportunity
  • One Franchisee per City /Town
  • Be a Pioneer Franchise
  • Be You Own Boss
  • Be part of a Global Brand
  • Enjoy Time and Freedom
  • It’s a proven business with a track record
  • Franchises are more likely to succeed than start-ups
  • Training is provided and it offers a supported way to change career;
  • You can build a business with a regular income stream
  • Patented Cutting-edge secured food ordering management technology


When technology combines with responsibility – A company like Atyourtime comes into being.

Atyourtime Limited is a UK registered company that strives to change the way the food is delivered and handled. We bring restaurants and the customers together for a better food experience. This approach is to make sure that the food reaches the hungry tummy in hygienic condition and tastes just the best.

Atyourtime Limited is a UK registered company. Atyourtime has come up with first of its kind innovation to help mitigate against and change how our food is delivered to your doorstep. Our TAG & SCAN secured delivery solution ensures we provide our customer with peace of mind knowing that their delivery is always securely guaranteed.

Our mission is to: Bridge the gap within the existing food handling and delivery sector by ensuring a seamless, tamper-proof and trackable service from restaurants to their customers in a timely and measurable fashion’. Atyourtime, is looking to tackle a global issue like food tampering, health and safety concerns & hygiene and most especially regaining customers trust by offering our tag and scan technology to franchisees worldwide.

Atyourtime provides a secured food delivery service that aims to strengthen the bond of trust between food vendors and customers. The idea behind this initiative is to give a better coverage to all and to ensure food integrity is preserved using our tag & scan technology to promote peace of mind. We have developed an internet-based app to be used in conjunction with our tag & scan technology.

A Patented Fintech Solution with Patent ID: GB1819635.2


When technology combines with responsibility – A company like Atyourtime comes into being.

We are growing our franchise team worldwide. Refer a friend and earn $2,500!

Atyour Time is actively looking for ambitious people to be franchise partners in our system. There is huge opportunity for growth in major cities and towns around the world. We are ready to leverage it. Can you help us, and earn yourself $2,500?

We know there is big demand for our tag & scan secured food delivery services. customers are looking for a reliable company who can provide an exceptional customer service experience. Our clients trust our brand, and they value connecting with a franchise owner who lives in their community.

Atyourtime has come up with first of its kind innovation to help mitigate against and change how our food is delivered to your doorstep. If you know of someone who is thinking about franchising, we want to hear from you. Just share this link with your friends & family, and all they need to do is request more information from your unique link and if or when they become a franchise owner in their city/town, we will be send you a payment of $2,500!

We are looking for people who love building relationship, and knowing they are making a positive impact for the lives of their customers. No need for experience in the field – we provide all the training and tools to operate your Atyour time franchise.We’ve designed the program to be simple and easy to execute, if your referred person moves through the franchise application and approval process, and later signs a new franchise agreement then we will send you a check payable for $2,500 when they start the atyour time food delivery operations in their city/town. We will track all signups to link each referral back to you.

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